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Knotty Bunk Beds

High quality bunk beds.
Victoria BC Canada

rustic log bunk beds

Rustic Log Bunk Beds

twin / twin $2300

twin /  double $2500

double / double $2600

Barn-Board Bunk Beds

This bunk bed style uses milled fir and cedar. The ladder is incorporated neatly into the headboard. This set is a single over a double mattress size. Marbles were inset into the main beam of this set to create a spiral galaxy. These boys were so happy when I set the bunk beds up.

twin / twin $2300

twin / double $2500

double / double $2600

barn board slab bunk beds

Knotty Beds Shop

8959 West Coast Rd
Sooke BC Canada

Phone: +1 (250) 642-2616