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Cordova log bed

The Cordova Bed Style

This bed style features many flowing spindles against contrasting large frame logs.

As with any of the Knotty Bed styles, stains or paints can be used for different shades or colours.  

And bed-side tables can be built to match the bed.

Cordova Kicking Leg Table
Cordova Bed

Another Cordova with a lighter water-based natural finish.

 Here's a whole bedroom suite in this style. Bed price: 

Single $1800

Double $2250

Queen $2600

King $3000

Cordova Bedroom Suite


  • “I love the furniture, it is perfect! Everyone who has seen it so far agrees. It is very unique and it makes my bedroom smell really great! It feels like Christmas here :) My husband and I appreciate the hard work you put into making this for us, and your talent! I hope to able to get some more next year, can't decide between a bookshelf or an armoire! People have asked me, how long did it take to build the whole set, from start to finish? Thanks again! ”

    Stacy V - Georgia
  • “Greg, Our bed is here and set up in the bedroom...WOW! We are really pleased....It is gorgeous! It is obvious that you poured your soul into it!!! The stain is absolutely perfect and we had no idea the log construction would be so big and solid! It is a masterpiece!!! We love every thing about it...the way the branches bend on the headboard, the curve of the headboard itself, the hand-hewn carving! We love it all! We were equally impressed with your shipping! What a memory we will have of our bed coming all this way! 

  • I returned to my home yesterday and was speechless to see the bed in our room! What an incredible piece of furniture to compliment our log home!!! It takes your breath away the minute you go upstairs! We will have it for a lifetime! Thanks for all your hard work, special attention to detail and careful shipping! We are pleased beyond words! Lisa D. in Portland Maine”.

    Lisa D. - Portland Maine

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8959 West Coast Rd
Sooke BC Canada

Phone: +1 (250) 642-2616

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